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  • Hello and Welcome - I’ve created this blog for the purpose of discussing energy related topics - primarily but not limited to oil and natural gas - and their potential impact on stocks, options, and futures. I am an amateur investor/trader and make no assurances about the opinions expressed on this blog. Please consult your financial advisor before buying, selling, borrowing, or otherwise risking capital based upon ideas taken from this site. Any advice construed from this website is worth what you paid me for it.
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ZEB Reports

Research That Evolves

The idea behind this page is to be a place to share company specific ideas and NOT to be just a repository for my company specific “book reports”. I’d like this area to be as interactive as possible so please place comments within the specific stock links. Thanks

Any estimates in the following reports are my best attempt at forecasting the future. I lean towards the side of conservatism. Exploratory success is not incorporated in my models unless specifically (blatantly) noted. I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of my estimates, data, etc…

Endeavour Petroleum – One Interesting Little Minnow

END Addendum-Moving In The Right Direction

Addax Petroleum – A Good Old Fashioned Growth Story

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