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  • Hello and Welcome - I’ve created this blog for the purpose of discussing energy related topics - primarily but not limited to oil and natural gas - and their potential impact on stocks, options, and futures. I am an amateur investor/trader and make no assurances about the opinions expressed on this blog. Please consult your financial advisor before buying, selling, borrowing, or otherwise risking capital based upon ideas taken from this site. Any advice construed from this website is worth what you paid me for it.
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Suggestion Box

Please drop in comments, questions, and suggestions you have about or for the blog here. Thanks.

28 Responses to “Suggestion Box”

  1. Just keep up the great work.

  2. rob said

    Any ideas on crack spread , refiners, HOC valuation….ect…what exactly is the spread’s price as we speak?. Great site as well!

  3. rob said


  4. phil said

    I don’t want to drop my Email here but please let Jared know it’s you on the sign-up.

    Of course I won’t be charging you, I learn a lot from you and I wanted to know if you would be interested in bringing your site into ours.

    I would love to have you as the resident energy expert and we have lots of cool ideas to turn it into a serious venture if it takes off!

    Let me know what you think,

    – Phil

  5. Ed said

    Can you tell me where I can find a source for the expected and actual weekly petroleum numbers for both the wed & thurs. release. Thank you for your time and consideration and the daily report you prepare. Ed.

  6. zmann said


    Google search for oil, natural gas or watch CNBC/Bloomberg. They change a lot from Monday to Wednesday and at least for oil, it’s almost impossible to predict magnitude – they really got it wrong today.

  7. Bill Fraser said


    Just found your site. Excellent data.

    I am an amateur , 52 , been in Finance for 30 years. My interest is heating oil.

    FWIW, we are well suplied with inventory and i would sell into strength 183 to 185 range jan oil, imho

    Obviously, we need to keep track of supply,demand and weather and appreciate the data that you have collected

  8. Brian said

    just a note on your posting today. i’ve always liked visiting your sight and getting your industry thoughts, but you cannot just chart distillate/gas/crude stocks. yes the stock levels might be the same, but demand has been increasing for the last 10+ years. My suggestion is looking at days forward demand cover, which for the US on both gas and distillate is at the very bottom range of the 3-yr average. Again, love the blog, but just a simple suggestion

  9. matt bob said

    I think if you ask Boone, he has been neutral gas for the last six months, but long oil. This means the last two days have been the biggest declines he has seen in some time, maybe $500MM.

  10. zmann said

    Welcome Mr Bob. Hear ya $500 million. Ouch.

    Are you seeing any rigs freed up down your way? Any drop in day rates at all? It sure would be helpful to know if the tightness is starting to ease a bit.


    By the way, what do you think of the site?

  11. matt bob said

    Love the site, I read it before bloomberg etop. Rigs are coming lose and we are starting to see Chapter 11 and 7 meltdowns in the Barnett. Reichmann filed a cople of weeks ago.

  12. zmann said

    Thanks Mr. Bob! Really appreciate the comment. Thanks also for the information. Lot of gold rush mentality in the Barnett and Fayetteville as well. Knew it had to cool and would be painful.

  13. wellbutrin said

    Good information and design. wellbutrin.

  14. neil said

    Fantastic Blog, keep up the good work

    What sites do you use for breaking news, rumors and commentary on the Energy market (specifically Refiners, Drillers)..Seems like Rigzone, Upstream and Platts are all pretty stale, especially when trading intra-day

    Thanks Again

  15. JJ said

    Great Work!!

    Where can I find the site that shows daily crack spreads?

  16. zmann said

    Thanks JJ,

    It’s a very slow to open PDF on the Tesoro website:

    Click to access tsi_inv__industrydiff.pdf

  17. Michael Petereit said

    Nice work Zman!
    Really appreciate your insights to the oil and gas market action.
    The NY times has a interesting two page artile on Saudi oil pricing/production that came out today:

    One thing i noticed on friday is that the put open interest for march nymex crude (in the $55 dollar range) is quite a bit higher than the call open interest but when you look at oil companies like VLO or XOM the ratios are closer to 1:1 .Wondering if crude does go lower will the oil/gas companies stay pretty much where they are now?
    Last year when gold was on it’s way up to $680 it hit a point where the gold mining company stocks refused to go higher..

    have a great day,mike

  18. Mike Petereit said

    -the put/call ratio for march $55 crude is 1460/2180
    or 0.66 -my mistake-

  19. Chris Lillemoen said

    Thanks for all your work. Have found it very useful in trading nat gas futures. Looks like we will have highs in the mid 30’s here in Mn next week, Feb 19th.

  20. Greg said

    Great looking site Steve! I’m impressed. Consider the futures rather than the stocks.

  21. El Diablo said

    (posted this to main page before I saw this tab….)

    RE: Website improvements. I believe you’ve made great steps toward compiling (and regularly updating) vital data on the markets. Perhaps what is needed is greater depth rather than breadth. I suggest adding a “Daily Hot Topic” tab in which you would provide your insight on a single issue that is currently affecting energy markets and readers would add their comments/views in more lengthy replies to that particular topic. The result would be a better feel of how the ‘market’ weighs that issue. Examples: Iran or Storage or Weather Predictions. Your main page touches on many issues, so the comments are too dispersed to nail down the particular issue that is driving the stocks/commodities. Such a forum would narrow the scope of the comments while also adding depth/insight on an important issue that appears to be driving markets immediately.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  22. Jim said

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