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Just A Few Of Housekeeping Items

Posted by zmann on January 16, 2007

Wow! In a little over a month we’ve gone from 300 to around 1,000 hits per day with peaks twice that high. Comment count has risen as well and I’m fielding several emails a day from both investment and energy sector professionals in addition to the comments made on the blog. My sincere thanks for your patronage!

On to the housekeeping items:

1) I’ve added an RSS feed at right (the little powered by icon) which offers a variety of ways to get the morning post from plugging it into your home page to making it a part of your morning news feed. Please sign up and let me know what you think. Of course you can still subscribe to get the post by email.

2) To maintain continuity and timeliness of my responses I would ask that if you have a question or comment that you please post it under the current day’s main page unless it’s really meant as a site suggestion for the suggestion box).

3) Finally, due to some of the limitations imposed upon blogs at wordpress I have opened a backup blog on blogger. I am still working on some formatting issues and haven’t decided if it will be my ultimate home but feel free to check it out (and if you feel like checking out some of the adds on the new site, well, that won’t hurt my feeling s either).

Again, thanks for your support.


One Response to “Just A Few Of Housekeeping Items”

  1. ramana said

    zman… according to today’s WSJ, Mr.Pickens still thinks it will be $70 oil for 2007 !!! And he manages a hedge fund !!!

    Question is who is living in la la land ?

    – Ramana

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