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Friday Wrap – Introducing Fun With Numbers

Posted by zmann on December 1, 2006

I thought I’d throw out a little casual performance data on Friday afternoons. It’s just too tedious to keep up with performance on individual options trades and unless you pulled the trigger at the exact same time as me or you’re my tax accountant you really don’t care. So here goes.


As you can see it was one heck of a bullish week for the energy stocks. Like I said on Monday, ‘m mostly staying away so only the “puts on stocks” above are where I have or had teeth in the game this week. I strongly considered calls on the first four names list in the “virtual gas trades” but they ran faster than I thought and in a couple of cases I was simply too cheap to play.  The gassy stocks follow oil up and never retreated with gas as seen in the XNG’s strong performance.

And for all of the hubbub surrouding gas it gave back almost all of the early week gains after the massive draw on Thursday.

Have a great weekend!


9 Responses to “Friday Wrap – Introducing Fun With Numbers”

  1. Edro said

    Hi Zman,

    Love your outlook on the industry. I have learned (?) much more from you than I really wanted and needed to know.

    Just a Friday night attaboy – you are indeed appreciated.



  2. Attacking Mid said

    I would second Edro’s comments. I sincerely appreciate your sharing of information. I’d like to see more people chime in on your site. Trading can be a lonely endeavor, and I know it helps me to be able to share ideas and to vent. I’ll try to start adding some more valuable posts, as I’ve been pretty shallow by mostly just venting. Perhaps we can get this blog to be a bit more active.

    Keep up the good work,


  3. Jon said

    Echoing the other comments, your blog is always valuable reading for me.

    I’m hoping someone will buy my LNG puts for .05.

    Have a good weekend.


  4. walter said

    Great blog- much appreciated!

  5. zmann said

    Thanks guys but stop you’re making me blush. It’d be a lot better if the ideas actually made money lately. I really appreciate you guys coming here to read and to contribute. If you have any questions about stocks or the energy markets feel free to pose them. Not just for quick trades but longer term stuff as well. My background is in energy analysis and it’s what I love so ask away.

  6. soccer_F1 said

    Morales Nationalizes Bolivia Natural Gas

  7. zmann said

    Thanks soccer, wow..knew it was only a matter of time but wow.

  8. size123 said

    I wonder if Ecuador is headed for the same thing. I was down there last weekend during the presidential election, and the feeling was that it was a very real possibility.

  9. zmann said


    That would make a lot of since. They’re not big on the US now as that bid for Opec membership indicates.

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