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Hastert’s Dillema

Posted by zmann on October 4, 2006

If you knew three years ago as Mark Folley’s former chief of staff says you did then resign now. Mid term elections are 4 weeks away. Resign now. You are damaging the party. If you can prove that you didn’t fight. It will silence the Pelosi’s of the world. But either way, for the good of the party do something quickly. Fox News, of all places, is reporting that 11 of 15 key House races are now suddenly leaning towards the Democrats. While I think it’s ashame to throw away Hastert’s public career over this he should know better and if it’s true about how many offenses Foley committed over an extended period, then he should have been aware of the problem. I’m keeping my HAL puts just in case.


2 Responses to “Hastert’s Dillema”

  1. bullnotbear said

    Resign? Why? We had a past President who lied about his actions on national tv and he didnt resign. Some of the less educated voters might let one congressman from FL sway their vote in Colorado, but I suspect few. The leftist media continues to show any little tidbit gathered to not allow this sad story to fade away. Is amazing how public opinion can be manipulated. Proves to me we have a lot of sheep in our population. jmho

    btw, thoroughly enjoy and study your comments re the enery sector. Very nice job(s)


  2. zmann said


    Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be ashame for Hastert to be forced out over something like this. But I think he should go “if he knew” and didn’t do something about it, kind of like with Bishops who didn’t stop Priests, well not as bad, but you get the idea. The problem for the party is that it has mattered, or been made to matter, in the poles. I was thinking that if you take away the argument, you give the dems nowehre to run with it. However, I think they may have peaked on this too early. Anyway, you’re right about the number of sheep out there. Today they all bought oil b/c they were told to by an analyst at Goldman, with every vested interest interest in keeping the energy bull afloat despite obvious negative, and not so short term, fundamental problems. Thanks for the comments on the site.

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