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Foley’s Follies – Bad For HAL?

Posted by zmann on October 2, 2006

Florida’s rep Mark Foley is history. Note to self: explicit and lude emails and IMs to underage pages (of either gender) is a career ender. Other Republicans are busy distancing themselves from Foley while democrats are calling for Hastert and others to stepdown. Big surprise on both fronts. If there is one big juicy target the Dems would like to get their hands, its HAL, then Cheney etc… , but only HAL can I short. If the democrats successfully pin knowledge of Foley’s messages on other House members then you have a whole new ballgame with the very real possibility of democrat controlled House who will then be able to drag HAL in for questioning. Notice that HAL is quickly trying to purge itself of its more troublesome subsidiary KBR? Probably too little too late but I’ll be out before election night because its just too close to call. I expect the big move down to take place in October if polls start tipping away from the GOP.


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